Wet Wednesday: Robitussin

Wet Wednesday this week is brought to you by Robitussin. Turns out I've had bronchitis for about a week now, it's no fun. So I've been drinking a lot of the stuff.

Robitussin does not taste good, let me tell you. Its viscous, sticky consistency coats the mouth and requires chasing from water and snacks to go away. The bright pink color lets you know you're in for trouble right away - I don't want to stereotype here, but bright pink liquids don't have a great flavor track record. The taste is like if melted down cotton candy had been left to ferment in a rusty, molded bronze jar. It has kind of helped my cough though.


  1. By the way, last week's Wet Wednesday would have been Theraflu.

  2. It may sound sad, but this was one of my favorite wet wednesday posts; it took me by complete surprise.

    The writing was superb, topped off by the perfunctory note that Robitussin has helped your cough.

  3. While I kind of agree with Scott, I'm just happy to see you contributing.

    When I am ill with cold & flu like symptoms, I like to drink gallons of Gatorade and swallow Tylenol Cold.

  4. LMFAO. First off, Royce, I hope you're feeling better by now (it's Friday!). Second, I, too, am impressed you're contributing at all. And three, the writing is indeed superb! I think I might hit the bottle tonight, you made it sound promising.