Tech Thursday: Listening TVs!

We've touched upon the television a couple of times in this space - TVs became 3D; TVs & the 4th Wall; TVs becoming Interactive. This 'post' will expand on that last topic - particularly around some of the cool concepts AT&T unveiled today as a part of its "Innovation Showcase".

  • Can your TV be voice-activated? Sure - why not?
  • Should you be able to see Twitter 'ratings' for a program? Of course!
  • How about translation - do you want that? Uh, yes...

Video via Gear Live.


  1. Wow. Just wow. This feels a lot more like the distant future than current technology.

  2. It sure does - the first version of Kinect (shown in the video) does not contain all the features they reference, but it does have the cool hand swiping motion/control that you see in Minority Report.

  3. I was about to say Scooter - is the video a joke? You linked the 2009 Natal demo when the ready-for-purchase version of the product, the Kinect, is available in stores right now?

    I hear really, really good things about the Kinect. People are lukewarm about its use in available games (Dance Central is the big hit), but the Minority Report-style interface which replaces a remote is super cool.

    It seems like between that and voice commands, our interactive technology is leaping into the "distant future".

  4. PS (unrelated) - I have a Wet Wednesday this week: Robitussin DM. It tastes like medicine. Yech.